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.: Chase Brody :. by creativeHellstorm .: Chase Brody :. :iconcreativehellstorm:creativeHellstorm 34 8 : Dramatic : by creativeHellstorm : Dramatic : :iconcreativehellstorm:creativeHellstorm 34 29
Chase and the Child!Reader
You were sitting in the car, fiddling with your fingers nervously while looking around, you had just been recently adopted by a man named Chase. He seemed really nice, a little weird but the good type of weird.

"We're here lil dude!"
He exclaimed happily, looking back at you with a smile, you smiled back still twiddling your thumbs, Chase had explained the situation with you, there'd be a lot of others living there.
You watched as he got out of the car and then opened your cardoor, you hesitantly stepped out holding your (Favorite toy/stuffed animal) tightly while looking up at Chase.
Chase leaned down and ruffled your hair which made you giggle "Don't worry (Y/N) these awesome dudes won't hurt you, I'll make sure of it!" He then took your hand and led you inside.
All the other egos had stopped what they were doing and froze when they looked over at Chase and then saw you, you instinctively hid behind Chase's leg in fear, worrying they'd hate you or be mean or just the w
:iconpurpleguyfan101:PurpleGuyFan101 24 18
Sweet Blood (Vampire!NateWantsToBattle X Reader)
She came every day to this park in the middle of town in the middle of the night.
I wonder why…
I’ve known this girl for since we were little but I’ve never really talked to her. She’s always just been too shy to be able to let anyone get near her to have a conversation.
She’s gotta be cold. There’s snow on the bench she’s on.
That’s gotta be cold.
But she’s so pretty…
And her scent…
The warm blood in her body.
I can hear it pulsing in her veins from where I am on the other side of the park.
In a tree.
Oh yeah. I’m the smoothest vampire you’ve ever seen.
Sitting in a tree.
In the middle of the night.
In a park.
Stalking a girl.
Nothing wrong here.
“Erasing all your memories, darling they won’t go so easily,” the girl suddenly sung, her warm breath causing a warm puff of white steam to leave her mouth and into the bitter cold air.
Her voice was beautiful.It wasn’t high pitched and
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 43 10
happy 2018! by superloveharrypotter happy 2018! :iconsuperloveharrypotter:superloveharrypotter 141 22
Loneliness - Glitchiplier x Reader (G/T)
You were sitting there, humming softly to yourself as you watched some TV, of course there wasn't much on at the moment, just some South Park.

Your head perked up at the sound of knocking, you wondered who on earth could be here since you rarely got visitors...
You cautiously got up and slowly approached the door, you then opened it and peered out not seeing anyone but then you looked down and saw a... computer? And it wasn't even packaged?!
"What the hell?" You muttered, looking around to see if anyone was near but there wasn't, you looked down at the computer and shook your head, you didn't wanna take this thing, since you did have a computer on your own and this one could have no telling what on it.
You were about to turn around and head back inside when you heard a crack, you looked at the computer a bit startled.

"H-H-Hey? Is.... Is a-a-anyone t-t-the-r-r-re....? ....Ple-e-ease? It's... d-d-dar-r-rk in her-r-re!"
:iconpurpleguyfan101:PurpleGuyFan101 8 3
Naga!Robbie x Tiny!Reader
Robbie was slithering his way through the forest, humming softly to himself, he was humming a tune that he had heard random passerby's sing recently.
((aka-- well really I'll leave it up to you, whatever Christmas tune you'd want him to hum I guess haha))
Robbie continued to slither along but he stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed a small figure in the middle of the path, his eyes held concern as he quickly slithered over to the figure.
You gasped and your eyes widened when you noticed what appeared to be a snake slithering closer, you squeezed your eyes shut and prepared for the worst. ... but, to your surprise nothing happened...
Robbie blinked and looked down at you, you were the smallest human he had ever encountered, now sure he usually would run if it involved humans but this one... They seemed so small, and helpless in a way.
You slowly opened your eyes and what you saw shocked you, it looked... well the upper half looked like a zombie more than a human, but the lo
:iconpurpleguyfan101:PurpleGuyFan101 14 2
Bears: The Solution to All Your Problems(tm) by starridge Bears: The Solution to All Your Problems(tm) :iconstarridge:starridge 445 27 Who Killed Markiplier- The Board Game by starridge Who Killed Markiplier- The Board Game :iconstarridge:starridge 354 24 chica honger by starridge chica honger :iconstarridge:starridge 232 7 don't remember by starridge don't remember :iconstarridge:starridge 245 14
Trustworthy|Toddler!Darkiplier x Reader
"Dark? You in here? Wilford's been looking for you." You carefully placed a hand on the cold, black door, surprised to see that it was partially open.
Under normal circumstances, entering Dark's quarters without his permission was a death sentence. But when you were greeted by total silence, you really had no choice.
Earlier today, Wilford and Bim ran to you in a panic, explaining that they were just messing around with their reality-warping abilities and magic...and somehow Dark got caught in the crossfire and was turned into something. But he vanished before they could catch a glimpse at him.
So here you were, on the search for the elder demon.
With a sigh you opened the door and stepped into the gloomy, yet extravagant office. A tiny, distinct ringing and a small monochrome aura behind the desk was all you needed to know that he was in here but didn't acknowledge your presence.
"Dark? It's me, [y/n]," you said, slowly making your way over to it, although you stopped when you heard w
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 119 50
GoOdByE JaCk by FictiveFeline
Mature content
GoOdByE JaCk :iconfictivefeline:FictiveFeline 20 14
Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye by ruebharb Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye :iconruebharb:ruebharb 523 27
(Darkiplier X Reader) In Your Dreams...
  You were riding home from the airport after dropping off Amy,Tyler,and Ethan to go get some footage and Files from Sean. Mark had decided to stay home with you because he was sick, so you had to stay behind to take care of him and help with editing lets-plays. You would've much rather have gone on the trip, but taking care of your friend Amy's Boyfriend was fine. You finally got back to the house. It wasn't late but it was six o' clock. You ran up to the door hoping that Mark would answer.
*Ding* *Dong*
"Hello come in it's unlocked" You heard a familiar deep but soothing voice call.
You stepped into the house. The atmosphere of the house was thicker than normal and it was to silent. It sent chills up your back as you walked into the main living room.
"Is that you (Y/N)?..." You heard Mark call.
"Yeah, you don't sound to well." You called back.
No reply was returned. You looked around all the other rooms in the house, but Mark wasn't anywhere to be found.
"Strange..." You said al
:iconhtaylor368:htaylor368 30 3
Stuck - 1 (Darkiplier X Reader X Antisepticeye)
    You were hanging out with Mark and Jack. It was just a little get together. They were on the couch and Mark was showing Jack some kind of old game that he liked. You were just on your laptop flipping through Wikipedia pages or scrolling through your social media on the chair adjacent to the couch.
    A message came in. No name, no picture. Just the words "Let's have a little fun."
    You cursed under your breath and furrowed your brow. You tried to close the message but you just kept getting an error. "What the hell?"
    Mark and Jack looked over at you.
    "Everything alright?" Mark looked a bit concerned at your expression.
    "This weird message popped up and.." You trailed off as you continued clicking close. "I can't seem to close it." sighing you slouched back on the chair.
    "Let me take a look at it for ya." Mark got up from the couch and knelt down next to the ch
:iconaltsea:Altsea 61 8


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